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IT'S ALL IN THE MINDSET: A Podcast w/ Lee Robson Spence

Navigating your way through reality can be puzzling... join British artist and designer Lee Robson Spence as he speaks with friends and peers about building a unique mindset focused on finding truth within creative expression, abstract thinking and a positive outlook towards living a fulfilling life, inside and outside the brain box.

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Jul 17, 2020

A diamond is formed from immense pressure and temperatures deep within the earth over a period of 1-3 billion years. We don’t have that amount of time to turn the pressures of today into something beautiful, we must do so NOW. Can we use this stress to inspire new gems of society, new philosophies, art, music, film, mentalities, mindsets? In episode 9 I talk about the world of 2020 and, as always, get into topics mainly surrounding art and creativity. I mention Henry Matisse and his influence on my recent paper cut-outs project, Rene Magritte, Chirico’s “The Song of Love” and think about the birth of artistic style.