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IT'S ALL IN THE MINDSET: A Podcast w/ Lee Robson Spence

Navigating your way through reality can be puzzling... join British artist and designer Lee Robson Spence as he speaks with friends and peers about building a unique mindset focused on finding truth within creative expression, abstract thinking and a positive outlook towards living a fulfilling life, inside and outside the brain box.

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Nov 15, 2019

What does art mean to you? I think it is a slice of how the human mind works. Listen as I attempt to break down what art means to me in as many words as I possibly can! I discuss my passion for the creative process and think about the purpose of my new painting BENEATH THE SURFACE CHAOS LOOMS (09.2019)

Nov 13, 2019

Who am I? What's all this about? Listen to me mumble through the first episode of IT'S ALL IN THE MINDSET! Here I get used to recording my own voice and summarize what the podcast is going to be about. I also tell stories of what led me towards becoming an artist, including dislocating my knee at 15 years old, starting...